Taurus 2021

The grand Jupiter-Saturn conjunction: Though I have separated the interpretation of Jupiter's and Saturn's transit through Aquarius in the text below, a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction manifests an unique energy.  As a whole we'll be challenged to abide by the current COVID restrictions on travelling and gathering with friends and family especially during the 2020 holiday period.  We'll feel this conjunction Dec 12 - Dec 30 2020. However, our restlessness, desire for freedom reverberates throughout 2021 when Jupiter and Saturn square Aquarius' ruler Uranus:

Jupiter-Uranus square:    
    JAN 13 – JAN 22 
Saturn-Uranus square:    
    FEB 6 - MAR 2;  
    JUN 1 - JUN 26; and 
    DEC 15 - DEC 24.

Aquarius / Uranus rule freedom, independence, rebellion, breaking the rules, thinking outside the box and progressive change.  Because this is occurring in Aquarius, our desire for freedom and independence will be extraordinary.  Aquarius also rules friends, groups and goals.  

Individually, we'll confront our own inhibitions and self-imposed restrictions that have held us back.  It's time to break free from these limitations, and to enlarge our scope.  We may desire to grow within the structure of restriction which still allows us to enlarge the area of life affected by this transit.  On the other hand, you'll feel these structures and restrictions are now insufferable.  You'll feel restless until you break free from them. Because this is occurring in Aquarius, our desire for freedom and independence will be extraordinary.  For you, Taurus, this may manifest a need to change your career, status, reputation.  Your overall life direction.  You may need to break free from authority in general, or a boss, a parent, the judge.... But this change could come in any area of your life that you feel most restricted:  a change of job, a relocation, or other change in your home and family, or the breakup of a significant relationship,  

2021 LUCK:  Dec 19 2020 - Dec 28 2021 Jupiter transits H10 It’s your year for being in the right place at the right time when it comes to career and status.  Follow your intuition and you may find lady luck keeps turning up opportunities for you to achieve your career goals, and advance your social / marital status. If you’re single then you could meet a person who turns your life upside down, in the nicest possible way. This is a “heart beating”, “must marry this person” feeling. If you’re married, you may experience a renewed sense of hope, faith and love in your marriage. Together you can conquer the world. You may travel together, or share a life-changing experience. Even singles, may travel through a work, or perhaps to witness a loved one's wedding. Single or married, your career could advance in leaps and bounds, as long as you’ve laid the groundwork. It’s a “reap what you sow” year. You’re publicly recognized for your achievements. The same could be true if you’ve been too grandiose. Your reputation is prominent, and people in positions of authority show you favor.  Travel, study, promotions, teaching, and golden opportunities are all possibilities in your career arena.  Jupiter visits this area only once every 12 years for 1 year.  So make the most of the luck that comes your way.

Your luck shifts May 13 - Jul 28 when generous Jupiter makes a brief visit to your house of friends, groups and goals.  This sector rules your most cherished dreams.  Luck will come to you through friends and associates who will help you realize your dreams. Jupiter returns to this area Dec 28 2021.  

2021 LESSONS:  Dec 17 2020 - Mar 7 2023 Saturn transits H10 You’ll work the engines a while longer, but Jupiter riding along with Saturn manifests success.  Saturn always gifts us for our hard work, suffering and patience shortly after departing a sign. This gift comes in mysterious ways. While Saturn transits this area, focus on the tasks to be done to fulfill your professional duties, work towards your professional goals, and adhere to commitment and accountability.  You may alter your career path, but it will not come overnight. You may start or complete a course of study, or sit an examination that later has benefits for your career, but it’s just a step in the right direction. This year you’re likely to adjust your expectations, renew your commitment to your goals or take practical steps towards career fulfillment. You may change jobs.  You may take a step in a different direction within the same career. You may work as a hairdresser in a thriving business, then realize that you could benefit from running your own business rather than working for someone else. You may start to pursue this line of thought, seeking information about small businesses, employment rates and taxes. Even if you don’t go ahead with the change, you’re prepared to do so one day when the time is right. You’re doing your homework this year. The change indicated may be your move from one location to another, seeking employment in your new setting. If you make the changes now, you’ll likely succeed, but they could require more duties and longer working hours. This is true no matter where you work, or whether you change jobs or not. This is your year to be dependable, stable, accountable and trustworthy - to “work the engines”.

After a 6-month transit through Aries, Mars finally moves on Jan 6.  It's time for Mars to energize the rest of the zodiac.  Mars has kept you waiting long enough, Taurus.  But he visits you first on Jan 6.  A Mars visit is a great way to begin the New Year - energized, confident and courageous.  The hostility, the conflict and the fires manifested by Mars' long transit through Aries have burned on long enough, too.  Mars will spend his usual 6 weeks in each sign this year as he does not retrograde again until Fall of 2022.  

2021 LOVE:  It's is a good year for love and romance as Venus and Mars meet up in loving Leo Jul 12 and again Feb 14 2022 when they travel together for an extended time in commitment-minded Capricorn.  Your most favorable periods for love are:

Jan 8 when Venus trines Mars in your sign; 
Apr 14 - May 8 while your ruler, Venus, transits your sign;
Jul 12 when Venus and Mars meetup in loving Leo;
Jul 21 - Aug 15 while Venus transits your house of love;
Sep 6 brings a new opportunity for love; and
Sep 10 - Oct 6 while Venus transits your house of partnerships.

Mercury Retrogrades 3 times in 2021 in the Air signs:  Aquarius, Gemini and Libra:

Jan 30 - Feb 21 Aquarius:  Expect to rehash a communication with an authority figure. You may need to revise your plans.  
May 29 - Jun 22 Gemini:  Be extra vigilant spending; keep a tight eye on your money.  
Sept 27 - Oct 18 Libra:  Expect communications mishaps on the job; don't rush communications.  You may see the return of a co-worker, or former job-related matter. 

Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn Dec 19 - Jan 28 meaning she has an extended stay in Capricorn. She stops in a tight conjunction to powerful Pluto before retrograding over Pluto.  This is likely to manifest some serious drama in our lives for a few days.  Venus rules love, beauty, kindness and harmony; Venus retrograde manifests the opposite of those energies and Pluto can be ruthless.  HOWEVER, Venus slows down and retrogrades so Mars can catch up to her Feb 14 2022, and they close dance through commitment-minded Capricorn until Mar 5 2022 and remain in a tight conjunction through Mar 12 as they continue into Aquarius.   

May 5 2020 - Dec 25 2021 The South Node transits H8, The North Node transits H2.  These are your money houses, Taurus.  Your earned income is fated to change as you’re destined to realign your income with your personal value system. Perhaps you’ve been planning a sea change for a while, or you’ve dreamed of studying for a new career. You may take the plunge, and so may your income – but for all of the right reasons. Or, you may have worked hard for a salary increase, or on extra-curricular income. Now you start to reap the rewards.  This Nodal axis is where the Eclipses will fall during this period.  In general, the universe is pulling you towards and protecting your earned income and pulling you away from shared-resources i.e., credit, debt, loans and your partner's income. The Eclipses fall along the nodal axis:

May 26 Total Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius:  A financial matter or intimate relationship reaches a climax.
Jun 10 Annular Solar Eclipse Gemini:  Brings a new income opportunity.

Nov 19 Partial Lunar Eclipse Taurus:   Concludes a deeply personal matter.

Dec 4 Total Solar Eclipse Sagittarius:  Brings a new expense or financial opportunity.  

Mar 6 2019 – Apr 26 2026 Uranus transits H1 of self.  Uranus rules disclosure. It reveals the areas that you need to change.  Uranus doesn’t recognize safety and security. His task is to help you to grow beyond your limitations. This is an exciting and liberating time. It is time to disclose your true nature. “I gotta be me!”  If you’ve been hiding your light under a bushel, taking a back seat to another or acting in an unauthentic way, then it’s time you break free. If you’re a strong individual you may already be living an authentic life, true to yourself and your ideology, and you undergo a series of seemingly minor adjustments i.e., changing your physical appearance by working out at a gym, changing your diet, hair color or fashion style. You may feel that it is time to update your image.  On the other hand you may want to make a bigger statement by changing your job, moving to a location that more truly reflects the lifestyle that you crave, or by starting a study course that really lights your fire. You may experience a blinding flash of clarity about what you crave to change, or you may feel a pervasive inner itchiness, a restlessness.  Try to trace the source of this restlessness, even if you have to take some time out to figure it out. You may consider living on your own for a while in order to discover your true nature. You may experiment with new activities, explore different options and see what appeals. You may meet someone new and exciting, who reflects the changes that you would like to make. If you’re responsible and settled, you may meet someone who takes risks, and lives a more creative, free lifestyle. They may be a beacon showing you the traits you need to take on. This is your opportunity to break free of inhibitions or restrictions. If you’ve always listened to other people rather than your truth, you are now free to follow your own heart. You may surprise yourself once you start to break the bonds of expectations of who you should be, and how you should act. As you become more authentic you’re also likely to be astounded by the changes you instigate, the chain reaction that reverberates in all other areas of your life.

Feb 2 2012 – Mar 30 2025 Neptune transits H11 of friends, groups, goals, networking, your most cherished hopes, dreams and wishes. Under Neptune’s influence, we can soar to great inspirational heights.  Neptune tests us to look beyond the superficial and find meaning in our lives.  During this period you’ll discover the art of true friendship. Gradually through the course of this transit you understand the worth of friendship, what it means to give and receive. You may enjoy some sublime moments of happiness in the company of your friends, as well as some sorrow. It’s a time of disclosure when it comes to friends. Your friends may disclose secrets, and share some of your private thoughts and memories. You’re likely to become more aware of your own expectations of friends, how individuals support you, and your role in certain social circles. You may be sensitive to the needs of your friends, and wary of anyone who tries to use or abuse you. You’re more aware of the underlying motives of your friends and associates than you have been before. Gradually you understand that appearances can be deceiving and some associates are self-seeking, taking advantage of your good nature, while others are truly loving and supportive friends. You’re seeking more cosmic connections, lasting and honorable bonds.  As a result you may say farewell to some friends, as the realization dawns that they’re not as loyal or loving as you would wish. It’s also possible that you’re moving away from one group of friends, as your interests shift. True friendship abides through other variations in your life, as they are spiritual bonds that stand the test of time. You may seek new friendships within an artistic community, spiritual group, or philanthropic organization. This is also likely to be part of your search for meaning in your life. You may have a few broken dreams from the recent past. You may be ready to bring to life dreams that you held long ago.

Pluto transits H9 Peace can be deceptive. Sometimes it appears that your life is peaceful, but you’re just sweeping things under the proverbial carpet, biding your time until events or people force you to make the necessary changes.  Since 2008, Pluto has worked on transforming your education, your beliefs… Your previous beliefs won’t suffice, you need to know.  Pluto is urging you to do a little soul-searching and discover renewed passion and purpose.  You’re likely to spend time discovering, or working consciously, towards your “calling”. This is a period of renewal. You may be a tad obsessive in pursuing your aspirations, but you can balance the need to shoulder your responsibilities with your yearning for more meaning and purpose. Pluto has an uncanny ability to strip self-deceit and force us to face the truth. If you enjoy a challenge then you are likely to enjoy this time. It will be anything but boring. It’s time to rethink your beliefs, discard anything that is holding you back and embrace new certainties. These truths could be literal or metaphysical. On a literal level you may decide to return to study a subject of interest, something that inspires you and lifts you out of your everyday concerns into higher realms. This could be anything that expands your knowledge of the world at large. Or, you may be challenged to take an even bigger leap of faith into spiritual realms. If you have firm religious beliefs, you may undergo a period of doubt. Possibly you’re challenged to change your religious beliefs, to dig deeper. Doubts arise and you are challenged to search for your true faith. You may read rapaciously, travel to unexplored territories, and experiment with previously unexplored ideas. The underlying motivating force is that in some way, shape or form you’re aware that something is missing from your way of life and you are eager to get on the right path, to explore your true purpose.  It is possible that a stressful event has triggered your need to explore the bigger picture i.e., losing a job may force you to reassess your life and take a different approach or follow a different path. This is the ideal period to let serendipity have an influence. Go with the flow and enjoy the opportunities that arise, even if at first they seem adverse.