Scorpio 2021

The grand Jupiter-Saturn conjunction: Though I have separated the interpretation of Jupiter's and Saturn's transit through Aquarius in the text below, a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction manifests an unique energy.  As a whole we'll be challenged to abide by the current COVID restrictions on travelling and gathering with friends and family especially during the 2020 holiday period.  We'll feel this conjunction Dec 12 - Dec 30 2020. However, our restlessness, desire for freedom reverberates throughout 2021 when Jupiter and Saturn square Aquarius' ruler Uranus:

Jupiter-Uranus square:    
    JAN 13 – JAN 22 
Saturn-Uranus square:    
    FEB 6 - MAR 2;  
    JUN 1 - JUN 26; and 
    DEC 15 - DEC 24.

Aquarius / Uranus rule freedom, independence, rebellion, breaking the rules, thinking outside the box and progressive change.  Because this is occurring in Aquarius, our desire for freedom and independence will be extraordinary.  Aquarius also rules friends, groups and goals. 

Individually, we'll confront our own inhibitions and self-imposed restrictions that have held us back.  It's time to break free from these limitations, and to enlarge our scope.  We may desire to grow within the structure of restriction which still allows us to enlarge the area of life affected by this transit.  On the other hand, you'll feel these structures and restrictions are now insufferable.  You'll feel restless until you break free from them. Because this is occurring in Aquarius, our desire for freedom and independence will be extraordinary.  For you, Scorpio, this may manifest a need for to bring more freedom and independence into your home or your family life.  But this change could come any any area of your life that you feel most restricted:  a change of job, a relocation, or other change in your home and family, or the breakup of a significant relationship. 

2021 LUCK:  Until Dec 28 2021 Jupiter transits H4 of home, family, property, nurturing and in a spacious area, or to add on rooms. You need room to breathe in your home, and right now you have the chance to create some space. It’s also possible that your family is expanding. You may be expecting the birth of a child, or older children are moving back home, or you’re moving in with a lover who has children of his or her own. On the other hand you may be planning a home office, or a retreat in which you can meditate and broaden your perspective. Whatever your circumstances, you can be assured that this is a busy time at home. You may clean out cupboards, discard unused items and make room for the new. It’s time to expand your horizons, and your living quarters.  This probably comes from a realization that it’s time to be released from the past to make way for new growth. You’re ready to let go of past hurts or obstacles in your home and family environment and expand your private life in ways that uphold you. Try not to move too quickly. You need to ensure that the foundations are solid, and to enjoy the process of change as much as the end result. This ensures that you’re happy with each step of the process, and can enjoy your new living arrangements.

Your luck shifts May 13 - Jul 28 while Jupiter forms a lovely alignment with your sign, Scorpio dipping into your H5 of love and romance.  Then returns Dec 28 2021 manifesting your best year for love since 2010.

2021 LESSONS:  Dec 17 2020 – Mar 7 2023 Saturn transits H4 of home, family, property, nurturing and nutrition briefly from.  It’s time to get your house in order. This refers to any housing situation whether you’re living a solitary lifestyle or sharing in a big household, dwelling in a tent or in a mansion. This is your year to take a good, hard look around at where you live, face the fact that something significant has to happen and take control, in the most positive sense of the word. This may involve a physical move to a different location, or a home renovation. If you’ve been ignoring leaking taps, cracks in the walls, outworn floor coverings or any matter of household chores, then you need to fix each problem. You may have to tighten your financial budget in other areas, so you can channel funds into your home, but it’ll be worthwhile. The lesson is to undergo a little short term discomfort for the long term benefits of a solid, durable foundation. It’s possible that your household, your family has changed in recent times, or is currently altering. You may have to move into a smaller, bigger or different house. You may  set up a home office, so you can combine home and work. Either way, this is your year to clear out cupboards, clean all surfaces, rearrange your furniture, landscape your garden, paint the outside of your home and, if applicable, start house hunting. Even, those living a nomadic lifestyle, will make decisions regarding the longevity of your current situation. Maybe i's time to settle down, at least during this transit. Whatever your situation, one chapter of your private life has ended, embrace the work involved in preparing for a new episode.  You may also adhere to a more strict diet.  Saturn instills discipline. 

After a 6-month transit through Aries, Mars finally moves on Jan 6.  It's time for Mars to energize the rest of the zodiac.  Your intense self-improvement efforts or efforts put towards your job will calm down after Jan 6, Scorpio.  The hostility, the conflict and the fires manifested by Mars' long transit through Aries will calm down, too.  Mars knocks on your front door Oct 30.  He'll spend his usual 6 weeks in each sign this year as he does not retrograde again until Fall of 2022. 

2021 LOVE: 2021 a good year for love and romance for all as Venus and Mars meet up  in loving Leo Jul 12 and again Feb 14 2022 when they travel together for an extended time in commitment-minded Capricorn.  Your most favorable periods for love are:

Feb 25 - Mar 21 while Venus transits your H5 of love; 
Mar 13 brings a beautifully romantic day and new love opportunity;
Apr 14 - May 8 while Venus transits your H7 of partnerships; 
Jul 12 when Venus meets up with Mars in Leo; and
Sep 10 - Oct 7 while Venus transits your sign.

Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn Dec 19 - Jan 28 meaning she has an extended stay in Capricorn. She stops in a tight conjunction to powerful Pluto before retrograding over Pluto.  This is likely to manifest some serious drama in our lives for a few days.  Venus rules love, beauty, kindness and harmony; Venus retrograde manifests the opposite of those energies and Pluto can be ruthless.  HOWEVER, Venus slows down and retrogrades so Mars can catch up to her Feb 14 2022, and they close dance through commitment-minded Capricorn until Mar 5 2022 and remain in a tight conjunction through Mar 12 as they continue into Aquarius.   

Mercury Retrogrades 3 times in 2021 in the Air signs:  Aquarius, Gemini and Libra:

Jan 30 - Feb 21 Aquarius:  A family member returns, you return home, or reconsider a home family matter.    
May 29 - Jun 22 Gemini:  You create a financial budget and keep a tight eye on your finances.  You may reconsider a recent purchase.  
Sept 27 - Oct 18 Libra:  You'll keep your thoughts and communications to yourself. You'll ponder a past matter.  

Until Dec 25 2021 The South Node transits H2 / The North Node transits H8 you’re destined to change your lifestyle. It’s time to become more in tune to your inner clock, your urgings. There are times when public ambition and achievement are important, but during the next 18 months, your journey turn towards what has deeper meaning. You may meet someone who changes your course, or an event may trigger a change of circumstances. You’re destined to reassess how you invest your time, energy and your money. Loans, debts, investments, taxes.., or your spouse’s income may weigh on your mind.  Your date with destiny may take a metaphysical twist, as you seek for a truth beyond the immediate mundane.  This sector also rules your most intimate relationships.  You’ll experience deep sharing with another.  Enjoy the journey and embrace the Fates and who knows what joyous events may occur.  This means the South Node travels through your house of earned income, your talents and abilities indicating you may return to a former source / job / talent for earned income. 

May 26 Total Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius:    An earned income matter reach a climax.
Jun 10 Annular Solar Eclipse Gemini:       Ushers in a new direction, career, reputation or status.  
Nov 19 Partial Lunar Eclipse Taurus:        Brings a partnership / contractual matter to the forefront; 
Dec 4 Total Solar Eclipse Sagittarius:       Brings a new income opportunity.   

Until Apr 26 2026 Uranus transits H7 of partnerships, contracts, agreements and collaborations.  Uranus rules disclosure. He reveals the areas that you need to change. You’re about to discover new ways of relating. Whether you’re single or married, in a conventional marriage or an unusual partnership, it’s time to change the manner in which you relate. This is not a time for adhering to conventions. It’s time to break the bonds of expectations and set the record straight as far as your relationship requirements are concerned. If you’re living a solitary life then you’ll enjoy your freedom. You may meet someone exceptional, but either you or your lover is keen to keep the association undemanding, rather than form any firm plans at this stage. This is a year for excitement rather than commitment in your primary relationship. If you’re already married, whether a conventional union or a committed partnership, your roles may be reversed or upset sometime during this long transit.  One or both of you can experience a sudden change, or a series of disruptions, that keep you guessing in the relationship stakes. If you’re instigating the variations in your relationship routine then you need to assert your desire for difference, while maintaining a level of patience for your partner. You’re the one who is changing, and this can be threatening to your partner in some circumstances. If they have changed, then you need to go with the flow as much as possible. If you resist or try to control them, they could revolt. This is your opportunity to break free of outmoded relationship patterns and roles, and experience the excitement that is associated with first love. It’s vital that you’re able to express yourself fully and freely in your primary partnership, no matter what role you choose to play or have thrust on you.

Feb 3 2012 - Mar 30 2025 Neptune transits H5 of love, romance, children, creativity, sports, games, gambling, and overall pleasure.  Neptune represents all that is ethereal in our world, and challenges us to develop qualities such as faith, hope and love even in the face of adversity. Under the influence of Neptune we can soar to great inspirational heights, Neptune tests us to look beyond the superficial and find meaning in our lives.  You’ve felt Neptune’s presence here for years now, but Jupiter will form supportive alignments with Neptune this year manifesting magic to your words, your everyday world.  This is a creative time, one in which you’re probably attracted to artists, lovers, and children. Subconsciously you’re seeking inspiration, fun and a greater connection to the creative forces of the world. You’ll gain awareness of the obstacles that block you from experiencing joy. You may find creative ways to remove these obstacles. If you’re responsible for young children, your sacrifices may be worthwhile. It's not the time to neglect your responsibilities for children.  Enter their innocent, imaginative world, delight in their company. Children have much to teach you. This is your time to believe in magic, as children do. Maybe by way of romantic love, an artistic creation, or an inspirational pursuit. It’s time to honor, respect, protect and cherish romantic love, and be the recipient of such moments. It’s also an ideal time to pursue any latent artistic talents. Even if you cannot devote yourself full-time to art, drawing, music, theater, dance, poetry, writing, or similar interests, you can lay the groundwork for the future. In some ways you’re on a quest, you are on a quest to find true love. Indulge in some fantasies about what or who is your passion. Let your imagination flow and deal with the practicalities later, as long as you’re not gambling your life savings, or risking your health and well-being. Gradually the mysteries of love and artistry reveal their truth, and you’ll be wiser and richer for the experience. 

Until Jan 20 2024 Pluto transits H3 Peace can be deceptive. Sometimes life appears to be peaceful, but you’re really just sweeping things under the proverbial carpet, keeping the peace by swallowing your own needs or biding your time until events or people force you to make the necessary changes. Pluto reveals your truth, you will see your own process very clearly.  If you’re living true to yourself then you’re apt to reap benefits. Since 2008, you’ve undergone changes in the way in which you express yourself. Pluto has an uncanny ability to strip self-deceit and force us to face the truth. For you, Scorpio, it's the truth about how you communicate with others, particularly your siblings, neighbors, and everyday people. You may communicate in an assertive and positive manner, or you may be allowing subconscious forces to influence your thoughts. You may realize you’re being bullied, or that it’s you trying to coerce others. It's time to learn how to listen, absorb and respond appropriately.  Be sure to listen to others, and offer your opinion after they fully divulge their thoughts.  If you're called on to take up a role of advocacy, you may get a cruel course in the art of communication, the underlying politics and how to express yourself with integrity. It’s time to ensure that you’re expressing yourself with integrity and working co-cooperatively. As a result you’ll enjoy a surge of energy and increased effectiveness in achieving your ambitions. You may also discover leadership potential you never knew existed.  By the end of this long transit, you’ll learn new methods of communicating.  Counselors, advisers and literary material may be helpful. You’re being challenged to change the way you think about power and authority as well.  It’s time to reflect on beliefs that have colored your life, and to change them so you have a new sense of purpose. It’s time to face your fears, move through them and gain new insights.