Venus Retrograde 21-22

Venus Retrograde:  
Dec 18 2021 - Jan 28 2022
27' Capricorn - 11' Capricorn 

Dos and Don'ts for Venus Retrograde: 
(1) Don't undergo any long-term or permanent changes to enhance your appearance.  The exceptions to this rule: A 2nd time around, a re-do, and even then, it's best to see how Venus Rx is aligned at the time of your "makeover, enhancement...."  
(2) Don't spend money on new, expensive items i.e., clothing, jewelry.... 
(3) Do shop for bargains and second-hand items including antiques.  
(4) Do refinance, or revise any financial agreement i.e., child support, commission structure.... 
(5) Don't begin a new relationship.  Could result in a change of heart a few weeks later.
(6) Do rehash and resolve past romantic issues.  
(7) Do reunite with a former lover, renew your vows, remarry....  More likely, if Venus Rx occurs in your house of marriage & partners, or you'll likely see the return of an ex.  Male or female. If not a physical manifestation, they'll return in mysterious ways.
(8)  Do expect the return of a female.  A female you likely had conflict with before parting ways.  This is why we refer to Venus Rx as "the bitch is back."  Who returns depends on which house Venus Rx transits.
(9) Do brace yourself for a sudden change in personality of a lover, friend, associate.... anyone.  Again, Venus Rx can bring out the ugly in anyone. 

Venus Retrograde maligned with Saturn events:  Venus in a stressful alignment to Saturn will take a female from us, and Mother Nature can also turn ugly during a Venus Rx.   

~April 14 2017 The final day of Venus' Rx 26' Pisces, 3rd square to Saturn: I visited a nearby nature preserve I frequent, but my usual pleasant, peaceful reserve had been transformed into a creepy, snake-infested crime scene that left me screaming, shaking and vowing to never return.  A woman lost her life.  I'll spare you the gory details.  A co-worker of mine also lost her daughter at this time. 

-Aug 13 1967 "Night of the Grizzlies"  Venus Rx quincunx Saturn: 2 young female campers in Glacier Park, MT were mauled and killed by 2 separate Grizzly attacks 8 miles apart.  A man was was also severly injured but survived.  These were the only incidents of a Grizzly attack since the park opened in 1910.  

~Nov 10 1898 
Wilmington Race Riots, Wilmington, NC. Venus Stationed Rx conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules race, religion, politics, culture....  A mob of 2000 white conservatives conspired to oust black residents, black businesses and any elected "Fusionists."  Scores died, businesses burned....  This is known as the only "successful" coup d'tat in the US.  Saturn was in Sagittarius when Trump won the election in 2016.  It manifests an intolerance for diversity.