Capricorn 2021

The grand Jupiter-Saturn conjunction: Though I have separated the interpretation of Jupiter's and Saturn's transit through Aquarius in the text below, a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction manifests an unique energy.  As a whole we'll be challenged to abide by the current COVID restrictions on travelling and gathering with friends and family especially during the 2020 holiday period.  We'll feel this conjunction Dec 12 - Dec 30 2020. However, our restlessness, desire for freedom reverberates throughout 2021 when Jupiter and Saturn square Aquarius' ruler Uranus:

Jupiter-Uranus square:    
    JAN 13 – JAN 22 
Saturn-Uranus square:    
    FEB 6 - MAR 2;  
    JUN 1 - JUN 26; and 
    DEC 15 - DEC 24.

Aquarius / Uranus rule freedom, independence, rebellion, breaking the rules, thinking outside the box and progressive change.  Because this is occurring in Aquarius, our desire for freedom and independence will be extraordinary.  Aquarius also rules friends, groups and goals.  

Individually, we'll confront our own inhibitions and self-imposed restrictions that have held us back.  It's time to break free from these limitations, and to enlarge our scope.  We may desire to grow within the structure of restriction which still allows us to enlarge the area of life affected by this transit.  On the other hand, you'll feel these structures and restrictions are now insufferable.  You'll feel restless until you break free from them. Because this is occurring in Aquarius, our desire for freedom and independence will be extraordinary.  You're already feeling this conjunction in your own sign even though the conjunction is exact in Aquarius.  For you, Cap, this may manifest a desire to be free to earn money using your talents, to spend your own money more freely and to live by your own values.  But this change could come any any area of your life that you feel most restricted:  a change of job, a relocation, or other change in your home and family, or the breakup of a significant relationship, 

2021 LUCK:  Dec 19 2020 - Dec 28 2021 Jupiter transits H2 of earned income, your talents, and your values.  Jupiter last visited this area in 2009.  Finances take on an increasingly noticeable role in your life during this time. Most likely because you are reaping the benefits of a pay raise or past financial decisions. Money is coming in fast, but could go out equally fast. You can enjoy the benefits of your personal income, but try to moderate your spending habits, so you can make the most of the money that you have. It’s an ideal time to focus on abundance. But, you need to learn not to waste your resources. You can be very lucky when it comes to money, receiving unexpected gifts when least expected, finding a little bit more tucked away when you most need it or achieving a promotion that boosts your income. If you’ve been thinking about implementing expansive moneymaking ideas then this could be the right time to implement your plans. It’s also the right time to apply for a different job that you would enjoy and that would also attract a larger income. Money and your personal resources can be a source of joy in 2021.

Your luck shifts May 13 - Jul 28 while Jupiter makes a brief visit into your H3 of communications, study and travel take on greater significance.  Luck comes through siblings, casual friends and road trips.  You may learn a new skill or a new language.  Jupiter returns to this area Dec 28 2021.  

2021 LESSONS:  Dec 17 2020 – Mar 7 2023 Saturn transits H2 of earned income, your talents and your values.   Saturn’s last visit was 29 years ago - 1991-1993. Whether you’re frugal or a spendthrift this year requires some sound financial budgeting. With Jupiter transiting this area simultaneously, you should have the cash, but are more concerned with financial planning. You may be planning an exciting and positive change in your life, one that requires altering your spending habits. It is important that you do not fret over finances. It may be a good time to seek the advice of a trusted friend or financial expert. The reality is that your resources are paramount, and you’re planning and building your self-esteem. Your lesson is to be disciplined in the way that you earn and spend your money, and to set limits. You also need to reassess your income earning potential, and incorporate ways in which to boost your income. Maybe you need to attend a work-related course that puts you in line for a future promotion. If you’ve been working in an unhappy situation and spending to compensate, or squandering your talents it’s time to apply for another line of work. You may decide to take on a sideline job, something that you have always wanted to do and investigate its long term moneymaking potential. Whatever your scenario it’s time to commit yourself to finding a satisfying way to earn income, no matter what the salary.

After a 6-month transit through Aries, Mars finally moves on Jan 6.  It's time for Mars to energize the rest of the zodiac. Your home and family life finally calms down, Cap.    The hostility, the conflict and the fires manifested by Mars' long transit through Aries will calm down, too.  Mars knocks on your front door Jan 24 2022. He'll spend his usual 6 weeks in each sign this year as he does not retrograde again until Fall of 2022. 

2021 LOVE:  2021 a good year for love and romance for all as Venus and Mars meet up in loving Leo Jul 12 and again Feb 14 2022 when they travel together for an extended time in your sign, Cap!  Your most favorable periods for love are:

Jan 8 - Feb 1 while Venus transits your sign; 
Apr 14 - May 8 while Venus transits your house of love;
May 11 brings a new opportunity for love; 
Jun 2 - Jun 26 while Venus transits your house of partnerships; 
Jul 12 when Venus meets up with Mars in loving Leo; and 
Nov 5 Venus comes full circle back to your sign where she retrogrades and meets up with Mars Feb 14 2022.  They then close dance through your sign until Mar 5 2022.  

Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn Dec 19 - Jan 28 meaning she has an extended stay in Capricorn. She stops in a tight conjunction to powerful Pluto before retrograding over Pluto.  This is likely to manifest some serious drama in our lives for a few days.  Venus rules love, beauty, kindness and harmony; Venus retrograde manifests the opposite of those energies and Pluto can be ruthless.  HOWEVER, Venus slows down and retrogrades so Mars can catch up to her Feb 14 2022, and they close dance through commitment-minded Capricorn until Mar 5 2022 and remain in a tight conjunction through Mar 12 as they continue into Aquarius.   

Mercury Retrogrades 3 times in 2021 in the Air signs:  Aquarius, Gemini and Libra:

Jan 30 - Feb 21 Aquarius: Keep a tight eye on your money, receipts and bank account.
May 29 - Jun 22 Gemini:  Create a financial budget. Again, keep a tight eye on your money.
Sept 27 - Oct 18 Libra:  You see the return of an authority figure and revise your plans.  

May 5 - Dec 25 2021 The South Node transits H12 / The North Node transits H6 of work, service, health & habits and overall self-improvement for the following 18 months.  The South Node rules your past, as does your H12 so you’re feeling powerful pull to your past.  But, the North Node focuses on the areas that are destined to occur no matter what you do.  For you, Cap, this is your H6 of work, your job, employment, service, your health & habits and overall self-improvement.  When you look back on your life you'll see moments when the coincidences seemed uncanny - a chance meeting, a phone call out of the blue or an instant of being in the right place at the right time. The Nodes give hints of which areas of your life are attracting the Fates attention.  The people who walk alongside you and the pets that comforted you play a role in your life’s journey until May 4.  It's time to make some changes to your daily lifestyle and habits. If you’ve developed some unhealthy habits, the Fates offer a helping hand in overcoming them. It's time to develop some healthier habits that help enhance your life’s journey.  Make sure you note the signs and signals. Your workaday life, your workplace, employers make adjustments.  Or, you may make some overdue changes. This refers to your job, not necessarily your career, but you may feel an urge  to go out on your own. Our Eclipses fall along the nodal axis:

May 26 Total Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius: A private matter surfaces, a secret is revealed. 
Jun 10 Annular Solar Eclipse Gemini:    Ushers in a new job-related, or self-improvement matter.   
Nov 19 Partial Lunar Eclipse Taurus:     Brings love, joy, creative expression to the forefront. 
Dec 4 Total Solar Eclipse Sagittarius:    Brings a necessary ending.  

Mar 6 2019 – Apr 26 2026 Uranus transits H5 of love, romance, children, creative endeavors, sports, games & gambling, and overall pleasure. Uranus rules disclosure. He reveals the areas that you need to change.  Some Caps can expect a surprise pregnancy, or a sudden romance in 2019.  You can expect changes when it comes to creativity and dealing with children. Children also feature largely this year, either your children or someone else's. Your relationship to children could change dramatically. This could be the time a child starts school and frees up some of your time to start a creative project. Or, a child could be born, or you could start a relationship with someone who already has children from a previous marriage. If this is the case then children could have a disruptive influence, as you attempt to create an environment in which everyone has the right to express him or herself. This is your year to re-evaluate what it means to have fun, to remain flexible and open to new creative opportunities and to rekindle a passion for imaginary, romantic and artistic realms. If you are already artistic, freely expressing yourself through your works then sudden and unexpected opportunities to work differently may enter. Try new ideas, express yourself more truly through your work and perhaps work more independently than you have before. If you have dreams to take up an artistic hobby, or play or create computer games, or express yourself in any creative project then this is your time to “come-out”. No more excuses. Even if responsibilities demand that you have little spare time, you can still start a class, or put aside a little time for your creative expression. You can speculate this year and enjoy the process.

Feb 3 2012 - Mar 30 2025 Neptune transits H3  Neptune represents all that is ethereal in our world, and challenges us to develop qualities such as faith, hope and love even in the face of adversity. Under the influence of Neptune we can soar to great inspirational heights. The test is to look beyond the superficial and find meaning in our lives.  You may prefer to be silent during Neptune’s long transit through this area, rather than have to communicate because you are more contemplative than usual. It’s important that you accept this need and create avenues for escape or creative pre-occupation. You are highly impressionable now, so it’s vital that you turn your mind to positive activities. You could read or write an uplifting artistic, inspirational, spiritual or intriguing book.  You could join a local prayer group, or enjoy inspirational films or television shows. Your dreams may be more prolific and you could start writing a dream journal, recording your memories, dreams and reflections. Your thoughts may be cloudy as you seek information. Be wary of becoming distracted. You need to remain open to new possibilities. This is the time to be making big decisions, unless the process was already set in motion because all is not clear. Maybe because you’re undergoing a process of change and you are not yet in possession of all of the facts, or someone is making promises they have no intention of keeping. If you feel confused, follow your intuition or trust the voice of experience. It is important that you give yourself time to adapt to any changed circumstances, to dream of possibilities, but to perhaps remain silent until you can undertake a realistic assessment of all of your options. Allow yourself to indulge your imagination, so a new way of viewing your life can emerge. While you are creating the time to rest your mind, you can cultivate an attitude of gratitude for all the blessings in your life. This is a time of assimilation rather than accumulation. You may benefit by resurrecting the practice of prayer, read self-help books, or breath in silence. Affirmations and creative visualization exercises may also be beneficial. This is your time to create a sacred space in your daily life so that you can have a deep conversation with yourself, and your God.

Until Jan 20 2024 Pluto transits H1. Peace can be deceptive. Sometimes it appears that your life is peaceful, but you’re really just sweeping things under the proverbial carpet, keeping the peace by swallowing your own needs or biding your time until events or people force you to make the necessary changes. True peace comes when life is balanced, when you’re living true to yourself and are sincerely happy with your life choices. You respect others and assert your own needs and wishes, and live your life with integrity. Powerful Pluto reveals your truth, you’ll see your own process very clearly.  If you’re living your life true to yourself then you’re inclined to reap benefits from Pluto.  However, if you’ve been dodging the truth then events or people will change.  This powerful planet remains in your area of your own health and happiness. You’ll continue undergoing changes in the way in which you view and express yourself. If you’re living true to yourself, then you’ll to move forward in leaps and bounds. If not, changes will occur that challenge you to live with purpose and integrity. Resistance is futile with the strong force of these changes, and could deplete your health. You’d best reflect on new possibilities. Any underlying fear that prompts you to try to retain control is simply a mirage. Once you face your fears you’ll feel more peace.  Matters of power continue to be prominent during Pluto’s long transit through your sign. Events or people will challenge you from time to time to reassess your life in terms of your effectiveness. Just ensure that you are expressing yourself with integrity and working co-operatively. As a result, you’ll enjoy a new surge of energy and increase your effectiveness in achieving your ambitions. You may also discover leadership potential that you never knew existed.