Cancer 2021

The grand Jupiter-Saturn conjunction: Though I have separated the interpretation of Jupiter's and Saturn's transit through Aquarius in the text below, a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction manifests an unique energy.  As a whole we'll be challenged to abide by the current COVID restrictions on travelling and gathering with friends and family especially during the 2020 holiday period.   We'll feel this conjunction Dec 12 - Dec 30 2020. However, our restlessness, desire for freedom reverberates throughout 2021 when Jupiter and Saturn square Aquarius' ruler Uranus:

Jupiter-Uranus square:    
    JAN 13 – JAN 22 
Saturn-Uranus square:    
    FEB 6 - MAR 2;  
    JUN 1 - JUN 26; and 
    DEC 15 - DEC 24.

Aquarius / Uranus rule freedom, independence, rebellion, breaking the rules, thinking outside the box and progressive change.  Because this is occurring in Aquarius, our desire for freedom and independence will be extraordinary.  Aquarius also rules friends, groups and goals.  

Individually, we'll confront our own inhibitions and self-imposed restrictions that have held us back.  It's time to break free from these limitations, and to enlarge our scope.  We may desire to grow within the structure of restriction which still allows us to enlarge the area of life affected by this transit.  On the other hand, you'll feel these structures and restrictions are now insufferable.  You'll feel restless until you break free from them. Because this is occurring in Aquarius, our desire for freedom and independence will be extraordinary.  For you, Cancer, this may manifest a need to transform your finances, your shared-resources i.e., credit, debt, loans, taxes, unemployment, your partner's income....  You may feel it's time to procreate. But this change could come in any area of your life that you feel most restricted:  a change of job, a relocation, or other change in your home and family, or the breakup of a significant relationship. 

2021 LUCK:  Until Dec 28 2021 Jupiter transits H8 You may pay off debts, make sound investments, and receive gifts from other people this year. But your H8 is deep and complex.  Get ready for an adventure of a psychological nature. It’s time to throw off a few personal inhibitions, tackle some sexual shyness or wariness of commitment. 2021 is your year to overcome personal reserves, take a few risks and let others see the real you. You may have to tread a path seldom trod, but you’re ready for adventure, metaphorically speaking. An adventure of facing down a few fears and expressing yourself in new ways. 2021 is your year to strike out on an adventure and test your limits. You may have a few fearful moments, but you’re likely to expand in self-confidence and feel prepared to tackle anything. You’re seeking to break the boundaries of psychological obstacles, and learn new methods of interacting with those closest to you, as well as gaining a sense of your spiritual strengths. You may also explore the machinations of the business world, study metaphysics, go on a spiritual retreat or take a sky diving course. You can do whatever it takes to overcome your fears, discover new reserves of strength and a forge a stronger link to forces beyond your usual experiences. You’re on a treasure hunt. You have a map, the resources and a whole lot of faith and hope. You may be thrust out of your usual comfort zone, but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. You can be assured you’ll discover a few gems along the way and be surprised beyond your wildest expectations. By the end of this transit, your confidence reigns as you know you gave it a go.

Your luck shifts May 13 - Jul 28 when Jupiter makes a brief visit to your house of adventure.  Expect luck in long-distance travel, higher education, foreign and legal matters during this time.  Jupiter returns to bless this area Dec 28 2021.  

2021 LESSONS:  Dec 17 2020 - Mar 7 2023 Saturn transits H8   If you’ve been financially diligent, you’re likely to be rewarded for your hard efforts, and it’s time to consider what to do with your hard-earned money i.e., invest in property or equity. You’re seeking long-term gains, not short terms benefits this year. The financial undercurrents of recent times have surfaced to be dealt with, in light of the long term ramifications. You’re also ready to face the truths regarding your intimate relationships, or business partnerships. Money and sex are likely to be the key factors in your decisions this year. If you’re satisfied, sexually and fiscally, then you may pool resources.  If you’re dissatisfied you’ll make a change, and perhaps dissolve a personal or business partnership rather than continue in its current form. You’ll bring any unresolved problems into the light of day, discuss and deal with them. It’s time to disperse with secrets and lies, and face the truths. You need to prune any excess in your material world in order to discover spiritual treasure. You may be seeking reconciliation in all areas of your life, and are prepared right now to make the tough decisions in order to put your monetary, sexual, and personal life in order. It’s time to analyze your income and expenditures, particularly any shared finances. Household budgets, family investments, joint income, business ventures and inheritances are all under the microscope. Put your bills, paperwork, and money-related matters in order. If you have debts you need to seek advice and consolidate them. If you haven't paid your tax, then do so now.

After a 6-month transit through Aries, Mars finally moves on Jan 6.  It's time for Mars to energize the rest of the zodiac.  Your ongoing conflict with authority figures, your efforts to get ahead... calms down after Jan 6, Cancer.  The hostility, the conflict and the fires manifested by Mars' long transit through Aries will calm down, too.  Mars knocks on your front door Apr 23.  He'll spend his usual 6 weeks in each sign this year as he does not retrograde again until Fall of 2022. 

2021 LOVE:  It's is a good year for love and romance as Venus and Mars meet up in loving Leo Jul 12 and again Feb 14 2022 when they travel together for an extended time in commitment-minded Capricorn.  Your most favorable periods for love are:

Jan 8 - Feb 1 while Venus transits your house of partnerships; 
Jun 2 - Jun 26 while Venus transits your sign; 
Jul 12 when Venus meets up with Mars in Leo; 
Sep 10 - Oct 7 while Venus transits your house of love; and
Nov 4 brings a new opportunity for love. 

Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn Dec 19 - Jan 28 meaning she has an extended stay in Capricorn. She stops in a tight conjunction to powerful Pluto before retrograding over Pluto.  This is likely to manifest some serious drama in our lives for a few days.  Venus rules love, beauty, kindness and harmony; Venus retrograde manifests the opposite of those energies and Pluto can be ruthless.  HOWEVER, Venus slows down and retrogrades so Mars can catch up to her Feb 14 2022, and they close dance through commitment-minded Capricorn until Mar 5 2022 and remain in a tight conjunction through Mar 12 as they continue into Aquarius.   

Mercury Retrogrades 3 times in 2021 in the Air signs:  Aquarius, Gemini and Libra:

Jan 30 - Feb 21 Aquarius:  It's time to create a spending budget.  Keep a tight eye on your expenses.  You may return a recent purchase.
May 29 - Jun 22 Gemini: Expect to keep your thoughts and communications to yourself.  Your mind will be on a past matter for the duration.  
Sept 27 - Oct 18 Libra:  Expect the return of a family member, or to return home.  

Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn Dec 19 - Jan 28 meaning she has an extended stay in Capricorn. She stops in a tight conjunction to powerful Pluto before retrograding over Pluto.  This is likely to manifest some serious drama in our lives for a few days.  Venus rules love, beauty, kindness and harmony; Venus retrograde manifests the opposite of those energies and Pluto can be ruthless.  HOWEVER, Venus slows down and retrogrades so Mars can catch up to her, and they close dance through commitment-minded Capricorn (your marriage house) until Mar 5 2022 and remain in a tight conjunction when in Aquarius through Mar 12.   

May 5 2020 - Dec 25 2021 The South Node transits H6, The North Node transits H12 The South Node rules your past, as does Saturn and your H12, so you’re feeling a powerful to a past job, work or health matter. The Node focuses on areas that are destined to occur not matter what you do.  This period is one of inward self-reflection.  Maybe you’re working behind the scenes on a major project, or reorganizing an area of your life.  Maybe you need to sacrifice your own which to be in the limelight in order to tend to the needs of others.  You’re very caring, Cancer, so you may enjoy taking a back seat, working quietly towards a more public role 18 months from now.  If you’re worldly, you need to explore the spiritual realms.  It’s time to look behind the superficial and delve into the meaning of what lies beneath.  An event may trigger soul-searching.  It’s important that you avoid sacrificing yourself needlessly, but you put your own needs on hold from time to time for the benefit of others.  Pushing too hard could sabotage your success, and alienate those who care about you.  It’s your time to slowly, surely walk the path that helps you reflect your true nature, your higher purpose.  To be more receptive to spiritual growth and understanding.  The Eclipses fall along the nodal axis:

May 26 Total Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius. A job or self-improvement matter reaches a climax; 
Jun 10 Annular Solar Eclipse Gemini.  Brings a necessary ending or revelation; 
Nov 19 Partial Lunar Eclipse Taurus:   You realize a cherished goal;  
Dec 4 Total Solar Eclipse Sagittarius:  Brings a new job or self-improvement opportunity.  

Mar 6 2019 – Apr 26 2026 Uranus transits H11 of friends, groups, gatherings, goals, your hopes, dreams and wishes. Uranus rules disclosure.  He reveals the areas that you need to change.  Uranus obvious meaning here is your social circle is changing. Perhaps an event in your life, such as a new relationship or relocation, has triggered this shift in your social life. If so, you may encounter some resistance from old contacts, however; you’re sure to recognize true friends as the ones who support your decisions, accepting your right to make independent decisions. It’s also possible that you’ve changed your interests and old friends are no longer in frequent contact. You may also be interested in joining a new and creative group i.e, astrology classes, an environmental group, or an inventors club. It’s your opportunity to ensure that you have a social life that upholds your authentic self. It’s time to strip social facades and live your life surrounded by like-minded individuals who value the real you. This enables you to re-evaluate your hopes, dreams and wishes. Dreams are important motivators in life. If you’re unsure of yours then have some fun exploring different options. You don't have to commit yourself to anything or anyone.  Dreams do come true, but you need to explore your options rather than opting for the status quo. There is a difference between enjoying times on your own, and being lonely. It’s time for you to delight in your own company, to attract fun and supportive friends, and to dream the impossible dreams.

Feb 2 3012 – Mar 30 2025 Neptune transits H9 of the higher mind… Neptune rules all that is ethereal in our world, and challenges us to develop faith, hope and love even in the face of adversity.  Under Neptune’s influence, we can soar to great inspirational heights.  Neptune tests us to look beyond the superficial to find meaning in our lives.  It’s a mystical time. Unusual experiences, inexplicable thoughts and undeniably strange coincidences invade your life. If you have an open-mind and heart then this can be an inspirational time. If you’ve longed to create a great work of art, write an intriguing novel or study ancient civilizations, then this could be the ideal time. There’s something otherworldly about your experiences, your interactions during this long transit. Which could be disconcerting, if you’re usually a down-to-earth person. Take any strange occurrences in stride, trusting that there’s a higher meaning. It’s a time to grow in awareness of the religious and spiritual beliefs of the world at large, and in your own convictions. The challenge is to understand this process is not easily voiced. Find like-minded souls; otherwise your loved ones may think that you are losing the plot. Society doesn’t always uphold the process of spiritual insights and enlightenment. If you’re feeling out of sorts, you’re experiencing a “crisis of faith”. Your strength lies in accepting that you’re undergoing change that ultimately brings you to your true purpose, your spiritual path. You may start or end a higher learning course, move to a foreign country, join or leave a religious community, or seek a whole new way of life. You can seek solace in liberal-minded religious organizations, spiritual groups, meditation practices, wise mentors and artistic pursuits. You may take part in rituals or religious ceremonies as relatives and friends celebrate formal events. You may enjoy awe-inspiring natural surroundings, sitting in a wondrous cathedral, viewing beautiful angelic art, or singing songs of praise and glory. You may benefit from working with your hands, as this can help you feel connected to the more practical earthy side of life. Craft work, gardening, massage, and physical labor can be soothing. Have faith that all will be well.

Until Jan 20 2024 Pluto transits H7 Peace can be deceptive.  Sometimes all appears peaceful, but you’re really just sweeping things under the proverbial carpet, keeping the peace by swallowing your own needs or biding your time until events or people force you to make the necessary changes.  Pluto reveals the truth.   Pluto is highlighted in the area of marriage, business partnerships and contracts. Any contract that involves partnership has the potential to change your life during this long transit. The planet Pluto has an uncanny ability to strip self-deceit and force us to face the truth. You’re being challenged to see the truth about marriage and partnership. If you’re single, you may meet a person who transforms your life, maybe prompting a marriage proposal. If you’re already married then your interactions with your spouse, or an event in your spouse's life, may change and profoundly affect you. It may be tempting to try to retain control, but resistance is futile with Pluto.  It will only create tension, which ultimately may break your partnership. You’d best reflect on new possibilities and work cooperatively. Trust may be a matter of concern for you. If you trust your newfound love, your spouse, or your business partners then go with the flow, make any changes with integrity and negotiate rather than argue. If you don't have trust then you may need to reconsider your contracts and walk away. It is also important that you are trustworthy when it comes to partnerships.  Matters of power are also likely to be prominent right now in the area of relationships. You, or someone else, may be exceedingly forceful in demanding changes. You need to do a little soul-searching and face the truth. The challenge is to embrace any suggestions that positively change your life even if this causes some discomfort. If you’re true to yourself, while respecting your partner, you’ll enjoy a powerful and rewarding personal or business partnership.