Aries 2021

The grand Jupiter-Saturn conjunction: Though I have separated the interpretation of Jupiter's and Saturn's transit through Aquarius in the text below, a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction manifests an unique energy.  As a whole we'll be challenged to abide by the current COVID restrictions on travelling and gathering with friends and family especially during the 2020 holiday period.   We'll feel this conjunction Dec 12 - Dec 30 2020. However, our restlessness, desire for freedom reverberates throughout 2021 when Jupiter and Saturn square Aquarius' ruler Uranus:

Jupiter-Uranus square:    
    JAN 13 – JAN 22 
Saturn-Uranus square:    
    FEB 6 - MAR 2;  
    JUN 1 - JUN 26; and 
    DEC 15 - DEC 24.

Aquarius / Uranus rule freedom, independence, rebellion, breaking the rules, thinking outside the box and progressive change.  Because this is occurring in Aquarius, our desire for freedom and independence will be extraordinary.  Aquarius also rules friends, groups and goals.  
Individually, we'll confront our own inhibitions and self-imposed restrictions that have held us back.  It's time to break free from these limitations, and to enlarge our scope.  We may desire to grow within the structure of restriction which still allows us to enlarge the area of life affected by this transit.  On the other hand, you'll feel these structures and restrictions are now insufferable.  You'll feel restless until you break free from them.  For you, Aries, this may manifest a need to change your social circle.  Find your true tribe.  Or moreover, to shoot for your most cherished goals, your hopes, dreams and wishes. But this change could come any any area of your life that you feel most restricted:  a change of job, a relocation, or other change in your home and family, or the breakup of a significant relationship,  

2021 LUCK: Dec 19 2020 - Dec 28 2021 Jupiter transits H11 brings luck through friends, groups, work colleagues.  Harken back to 2009 when Jupiter last transited this area.  This is the time to strive to reach your goals, to manifest your hopes and dreams and wishes. You've the ability to attract many true and fortunate friends this year, some who hold prominent positions in society. Your friends do their best to support you emotionally, and perhaps even financially, so you can achieve your goals. This is fortunate because you've high hopes of achieving success. You're popular, a real social success, and the benefits are considerable. You also like to belong to groups of like-minded people, and these associations can prove beneficial. Your optimism and cheerfulness are an inspiration to others, and they too can benefit from their association with you. It is possible that you enjoy an adventure or two with your friends during this period, venturing in to new places, activities and situations. Social clubs, support groups, schools, and community organizations may appeal to you, expanding your horizons in ways you hadn't thought possible. It’s your chance to explore your hopes, dreams and wishes, and surround yourself with associates who support your dreams.  

You luck shifts when Jupiter takes leave of the above-described sector May 13 - Jul 28 to visit your house of spirituality.  Jupiter expands your spiritual life and acts as your guardian angel while transiting this sector.  Anything you have going on behind the scenes is also blessed.  You may benefit through large bureaucratic organizations as well.  This includes the IRS, unemployment, or even your corporate office.  Jupiter returns to this area Dec 28 2021.   

2021 LESSONS:  Dec 17 2020 - Mar 2023 Saturn is travelling with Jupiter in your house of of friends, groups, work colleagues, goals, and your hopes and dreams and wishes.  Your social circle shifts in 2021. Maybe due to added responsibilities at work, a change of job, maternity/paternity leave, marriage/divorce, or a change in position on a local group committee. It could be due to changes in your own heart and mind. Whatever the motivation, you’re likely to discover who your true friends are, the ones who last through your life changes. You may be too busy dealing with your different schedule, the ramifications of recent events or your new responsibilities. But, you’ll find time to reflect on the difference in your friendships, social calendar and local network. You may reassess your standing in your community, the ebb and flow of your social life and the true value of friendship. Your conclusion may involve a change of heart about yourself, your own goals and commitment to other people. You may also be the keeper of a friend's secrets. It’s best to remain steadfast, true to yourself and to your friend. Your lesson is to interact with friends, social circles, community groups, and work colleagues with integrity. A little discretion will be advantageous. If you’re usually outspoken among friends, you may fare better with silence, improving your listening rather than your verbal skills.

After a 6-month transit through Aries, Mars finally moves on Jan 6.  You've had him all to yourself long enough, Aries.  It's time to share your ruler with the rest of the zodiac.  The hostility, the conflict and the fires manifested by Mars' long transit through Aries have burned on long enough, too.  Mars will spend his usual 6 weeks in each sign this year as he does not retrograde again until Fall of 2022.  

2021 LOVE:  It's is a good year for love and romance as Venus and Mars meet up in loving Leo Jul 12 and again Feb 14 2022 when they travel together for an extended time in commitment-minded Capricorn.  Your most favorable periods for love are:

Mar 21 - Apr 14 while Venus, and the Sun, transits your sign;
Jun 26 - Jul 21 while Venus transits your H5 of love;
Jul 12 when Venus & Mars meetup in your house of love;
Jul 22 - Aug 22 while the Sun transits your H5 of love;
Aug 8 brings a new opportunity for love and romance to enter your life; and
Aug 15 - Sep 10 while Venus transits your house of partnerships. 

Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn Dec 19 - Jan 28 meaning she has an extended stay in Capricorn. She stops in a tight conjunction to powerful Pluto before retrograding over Pluto.  This is likely to manifest some serious drama in our lives for a few days.  Venus rules love, beauty, kindness and harmony; Venus retrograde manifests the opposite of those energies and Pluto can be ruthless.  HOWEVER, Venus slows down and retrogrades so Mars can catch up to her Feb 14 2022, and they close dance through commitment-minded Capricorn until Mar 5 2022 and remain in a tight conjunction through Mar 12 as they continue into Aquarius.   

Mercury Retrogrades 3 times in 2021 in the Air signs:  Aquarius, Gemini and Libra:

Jan 30 - Feb 21 Aquarius:  Expect the return of a friend.  Or, you'll revise a goal.
May 29 - Jun 22 Gemini:  Prepare yourself for communications and travel mishaps.
Sept 27 - Oct 18 Libra:  Be extra cautious in your communications with your partner and contractual matters.  

Until Dec 25 2021 The North Node transits H3 / The South Node transits H9 Your journey now involves communication and communication networks. If you want to spread the word about anything personal or professional then now is the time to speak up. You are likely to meet people who help you voice your message whether verbally, written or via the internet. Your life’s journey is about to reveal ways in which you can express your true self. You can promote your own professional interests, or you may speak up on behalf of others. Either way the Fates ask that you view these opportunities selflessly, rather than through a mindset of egotism. The path that you are required to take now is one of walking side by side with colleagues, friends, and family members, not of forcing issues. Watch for destiny’s signposts, listen to the unspoken messages of those around you and tune into your own intuition.  Our Eclipses fall along the nodal axis:  

May 26 Total Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius: A higher-ed, long-distance or foreign or a legal affair reaches a climax.
Jun 10 Annular Solar Eclipse Gemini:   Ushers in a new communications project / device; a new vehicle, or a road trip.
Nov 19 Partial Lunar Eclipse Taurus:   An earned income issues comes to the forefront; 
Dec 4 Total Solar Eclipse Sagittarius:  Brings new adventure / opportunity to broaden your horizons.  

Mar 6 2019 – Apr 26 2026 Uranus transits H2 of your possessions, your earned income, your talents and abilities, and your values.  Uranus rules disclosure. It reveals the areas that you need to change.  Uranus doesn’t recognize safety and security. His task is to help you to grow beyond your limitations. This transit mainly manifests a change in how you earn your money. You may have to take a few financial risks, but you can do this in a sensible not reckless manner. You’re challenged to think about other prospects. Could you take a leave of absence and make a fresh start at a job more suited to your skills.  If you’ve always worked in steady paid employment then you may leave a secure job and become self-employed. If you’re already self-employed, the nature of your business may change. It’s not about your business income, it’s about the risks that you’re willing to take in order to change your personal finances. Maybe you take a cut in your salary, or risk your income to take a chance with your business. If you’ve been unemployed then you are likely to gain paid work this year. The work may be erratic, but it is sure to be a catalyst for boosting your self-confidence, hence your income. There’s no point staying home and waiting for the changes to occur. Step outside your comfort zone, and actively change your moneymaking capacity. If you’re unemployed, or in a job that is not paying you well, you need to actively seek employment in an appealing field. You may volunteer your skills and be surprised by an offer of paid work. Your challenge is to change your beliefs around money and your own income earning abilities, to take reasonable risks and to increase your income. If you’re unsure about how to do this, start by re-evaluating your sense of self-worth, then you could seek advice from people you admire when it comes to money. You could take classes on financial planning, or consult an expert. This isn’t about being financial irresponsible, but changing the way you view money and your earning ability.

Feb 2 3012 – Mar 30 2025 Neptune transits H12 of secrets, secret enemies, your past and private matters, research, what lies beneath the surface, spirituality, deep psychological issues, the masses / our collective unconscious, large bureaucratic organizations, institutions, isolation…. (Long list, eh.)   Neptune rules our highest creativity, our highest love and is highly intuitive.  It’s to surrender your spirit so that it might be renewed. This could mean finding time on a daily basis to meditate, listen to inspirational music or enjoy an uplifting film, or going on a spiritual retreat, fishing trip or writing your memoirs in a mountain cabin. It’s important that you allow yourself moments of total immersion in a creative or meditative pursuit. Sit in a darkened room and whistle a tune, or sit under a tree and say a prayer, pick up your guitar and play. These are just some of the avenues open to you. You may simply want to get in your car and spend a night in a remote and beautiful location. The key to this transit is to find a way to escape your daily responsibilities and tune out. There are several reasons why you need this time alone. Primarily, other people are not to be trusted this year. It’s not to say they are evil, or deceitful, but rather they don't have your best interests at heart. Everyone has an agenda, and you are becoming more sensitive to what is being left unsaid, rather than what words are being spoken. You are noticing body language and other subtle signals. These revelations may be disconcerting. You may feel disillusioned, wondering if you are on the right path and if you are really seeing things clearly. Trust your own intuition and insights, but you also need a rest. If you share your insights with those closest to you, but be prepared for denial. You’re extra sensitive, and other people are not necessarily as aware of the undercurrents. You’re also likely to face a few ghosts from the past. Memories and dreams may pervade your daytime thoughts distracting you from tasks at hand. It’s time to lay some of these ghosts to rest. You’re being called to forgive, not forget, past hurts and mishaps so that you can move forward. As you undergo this process, note that your capacity for compassion, love and understanding deepen. If you’re an artist, your work will subtly change in inspirational ways. It’s a very soulful time, if you give yourself permission to listen to your urge to merge with the more uplifting elements of this world.

Until Jan 20 2024 Pluto transits H10 Peace can be deceptive. Sometimes it appears that your life is peaceful, but you’re just sweeping things under the proverbial carpet, biding your time until events or people force you to make the necessary changes. Since 2008, Pluto has influenced your life direction - marital status, career, parental influences and standing in the community. It’s time for you to reassess your influence, the role that you play as an authority in your field, your career satisfaction and your marital status. If you’re satisfied with your current career choice, you may choose to stay in the same profession and seek more responsibility. If you’re dissatisfied, you’ll seek a new career path. If you’re single, you may marry. You may become a parent, which changes the course of your life. Matters of power are prominent right now in your profession. Generally, it’s best to co-operate with anyone in a position of authority.  Not an easy task with Pluto in this position, so you may go head to head with your boss.  You’re working damn hard to transform this area.  Just be prepared for the consequences.