I've been receiving questions regarding Saturn, Pluto and S. Node in Capricorn,  I suggest you re-read Your Lessons.  Saturn, Pluto and the S. Node are travelling close together in Capricorn.  When this stellium is aligned with the Moon, other planets, etc., the issues mentioned in Your Lessons will surface and require your attention.  Even when favorably aligned these issues will surface. 

The energy of Saturn and the S. Node are similar in that they rule the past / karma.  Saturn and Pluto are similar in that they rule people in positions of power, as does the sign of Capricorn.  A Mars opposition stirs up this energy mid-June.  We will all be challenged to remain calm and rational.  On the plus side, a burst of anger, energy, ego may be the push we need to overcome an obstacle, to release our authentic power.... The specific dates of these transits are listed under Monthly. 
Thank you ~