Oct 7 - Oct 13

As soon as my fingers touched the keyboard, I saw the sound bite reporting that Brett Kavanaugh (hereinafter "BK") just received enough votes to assure his place on the Supreme Court.   

Whether you're pleased, displeased, or indifferent to this decision, astrologically speaking, this indicates Jupiter is delivering. (I am sharing my astrological observation, not my opinion.) BK's Sun, Venus and Mercury are in Aquarius.  Jupiter is due to elevate Aquarius' career and status... before Nov 8.  It did exactly that, despite the obstacles in his path.  Venus Stationary in Scorpio has been parked in a square to his natal Venus for several days greatly lowering his likability.  His battle isn't over.

Mars in Aqua motivates us to fight for justice and human rights, and motivated Sagittarian, Christine Blasey-Ford, to speak up for justice.  Mars in her house of communications brings forth aggressive speech.  It appears she forced herself to tone it down, way down.  Jupiter delivered for her as well as it brought forth her past and this private matter.  

Jupiter in the final stretch is amplifying Scorpio's intense energy in our own lives.  Revealing hidden truths around sex, finances.  Scorpio can be vindictive, possessive and excessively jealous.  This coupled with Mars in Aqua and Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is intensifying emotions, and these two square off this week.  Mercury opposes Uranus Rx the same day.  I advise all to be extra cautious in your communications, while driving, and with snap judgments.  

Oct 8 New Moon at 16' Libra square Pluto
Oct 8 Mars leaves his shadow and begins operating at full force.
Oct 9 Mercury enters Scorpio
Oct 10 Mercury opposes Uranus
Oct 10 Venus Rx squares Mars 

Below your forecasts, are general manifestations and Dos and Don'ts for Venus Rx.

Aries:  You amp up your networking efforts this week, or become more socially engaged through Nov 15.  You're more driven to reach your goals, as well.  Your status is likely transformed by a new partnership or collaboration, or a change in an existing partnership.  A financial breakthrough or surprise enters near Oct 9 and from this day, your thoughts and communications center around deep sharing, intimacy and joint finances for the following few weeks.

Taurus:  You're even more ambitious to achieve from this week through Nov 15.  Passions rise between you and your spouse, or an authority figure.  Something new enters your job and self-improvement sector this week.  A new job, for some, a new workmate.... Whatever enters affects the future of a partnership.  From Oct 9 your thoughts and communications center around partnerships, contracts and agreements for the following few weeks.  
Gemini:  A long-distance, legal or publishing or promotional matter is back on this week through Nov 15.   A new romance, child, pleasure, creative endeavor enters, but doesn't blend with finances or intimacy.  From Oct 9, your thoughts and communications shift to work, or self-improvement matters. Expect increased communications around the office for a few weeks.  
Cancer:  Intimacy, desire reaches new heights this week and remains high through Nov 15. Something new enters your home, family, property sector this week, but creates stress with a partner or spouse.  From Oct 9 your thoughts and communications shift to love, romance, children and creative endeavors.   

Leo:   Interactions with a partner, or others in general, grow more aggressive beginning this week through Nov 15.  Expect an intense interaction with a returning family member or someone connected to your home or property.  There's stress around a new communications project, or a trip.  From Oct 9 your thoughts and communications shift to home, family, real estate / property matters for the following few weeks.  

Virgo:  You begin to put more efforts into a work or self-improvement matter this week through Nov 15.   A new source of income comes this week but money and love, children or pleasure don't mix.  You may be displeased about delayed income owed you from a job.  From Oct 9 you'll experience increased communications.  Your mind is sharp, your communications precise. A road trip may feature.  

Libra: Happy Birthday! Happy New Year!  This week brings your new beginning.  Birthdays within a few days of Oct 8 will have a lucky, blessed year ahead.  Love, romance, creative endeavors, sports, games, gambling and activities with children grow more active until Nov 15.  But these matters may not mix well with money.  From Oct 9 your thoughts and communications shift to earnings, spending and your values for the following few weeks.  

Scorpio:  A blast from the past, a necessary ending or release comes this week.  Family life, your home grows even more active this week until Nov 15.  Expect a intense interaction with family or someone connected to your home or a property matter.  From Oct 9 you'll experience increased communications. Your mind is sharp, your communications precise for the following few weeks.     

Sagittarius:  You'll experienced increased communications and be more assertive through Nov 15.  You especially, Sage, need to be extra vigilant with your words and while driving.  A new friend, group or goal enters this week.  But your friend, group or a goal doesn't mix well with money, or clash with your values.  From Oct 9 you'll be pondering your past, or a private matter.  But you'll likely keep your thoughts to yourself for the following few weeks.  

Capricorn:  You may experience increased spending from now through Nov 15.  You'll also aggressively pursue money, or stand up for your values.  A new direction, career, status or authority figure enters this week, but may clash with your goals. An ex, or a friend may still return between now and Oct 31.  From Oct 9 your thoughts and communications shift to friends, this ex, groups, and your goals.  You may amp up your networking efforts.   

Aquarius:  A new long-distance, higher-ed, spiritual, legal, publishing or promotional matter enters this week.  Beware of backstabbers, and your past coming back to haunt you.  No doubt Jupiter has increased your popularity. You're an irresistible target.  You're also more assertive beginning this week. Take advantage of Mars' in your sign to gain as much ground as possible before Nov 15.  Oct 9 your thoughts and communications shift to your career, your status, authorities and your reputation. 

Pisces:   A new resource or an intimate relationship enters this week, but doesn't mesh with your future goals.  Oct 9 you're thoughts and communications shift to broadening your horizons, via travel, publishing, promotional or higher-ed matter.  A new legal matter for some.  A behind the scenes "project" grows more intense beginning this week through Nov 15.  

Dos and Don'ts for Venus Retrograde: 

(1) Don't undergo any long-term or permanent changes to enhance your appearance.  The exceptions to this rule: A 2nd time around, a re-do, and even then, it's best to see how Venus Rx is aligned at the time of your "makeover, enhancement...."  
(2) Don't spend money on new, expensive items i.e., clothing, jewelry.... 
(3) Do shop for bargains and second-hand items including antiques.  
(4) Do refinance, or revise any financial agreement i.e., child support, commission structure.... 
(5) Don't begin a new relationship.  A sudden change of heart could occur when Venus Stations Direct a few weeks later. 
(6) Do rehash and resolve past romantic issues.  
(7) Do reunite with a former lover, renew your vows, remarry....  More likely, if Venus Rx occurs in your house of marriage, partners, or you'll likely see the return of an ex.  Male or female. If not a physical manifestation, they'll return in mysterious ways.  Especially if they have strong Libra or Taurus energy.  
(8) Do expect the return of a female.  A female you likely had conflict with before parting ways.  This is why we refer to Venus Rx as "the bitch is back."  Who returns depends on which house Venus Rx transits.
(9) Do brace yourself for a sudden change in personality of a lover, friend, associate.... anyone.  Again, Venus Rx can bring out the ugly in anyone. 

(10)  I've observed that someone of the same sex may approach you, if you're straight.  I suppose that someone of the opposite sex may approach you if you're gay.  In other words, love and romance can be off, or uncomfortable, while Venus is retrograde.  

Below are examples of how Venus Rx manifest mean and ugly when in a stressful alignment with Saturn.  Do you know where your Saturn is?  

~April 14 2017, the final day of our last Venus' Rx (26' Pisces her 3rd square to Saturn) I visited a nearby nature preserve I frequent, but my usual pleasant, peaceful reserve had been transformed into a creepy snake-infested crime scene that left me screaming, shaking and vowing to never return.  A woman lost her life.  I'll spare you the gory details.  A co-worker of mine also lost her daughter at this time.  Venus in a stressful alignment to Saturn will take a female from us.  

~Nov 10 1898 Venus Stationed Retrograde conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules race, religion, politics, culture.  Sagittarius was loaded as Mercury, Uranus and Chiron were also transiting.  This is the day of the Wilmington Race Riots.  A mob of 2000 white conservatives conspired to oust black residents, black businesses and any elected "Fusionists."  Scores died, businesses burned....  This is known as the only "successful" coup d'tat in the US.