Lessons 2020

Dec 19 2017 - Dec 17 2020

"The simplest way to bring balance to your thoughts and emotions is unwavering commitment towards something."  Sadhguru

Saturn is always about taking responsibility, committing to something, earning respect. Saturn is the disciplinarian, the authoritarian of the zodiac.  Saturn rules your elders, your parents, your guardians, your boss, the police, the judge. Hence, Saturn is the ultimate critic.  Saturn demands we be conservative, committed, stable, structured, orderly, ethical, and responsible.  That we work hard and manage our time well in order to achieve our goals.  Saturn rules restrictions, limitations, customs and traditions.  Because Saturn rules commitment, Saturn is also your committed partner / your spouse.  Over the next few years we will review our career, our status, our lifestyle our overall life direction.  We will work hard, and commit ourselves to building something tangible. We will assume greater responsibility for our lives; find the determination to affront and resolve any difficulties leading to an elevation of our career, reputation, and status by way of promotion, marriage, (*or divorce) or parenthood. We may experience separation from a parent, an authority figure, or *spouse.... The purpose, the result of this separation is personal growth, maturity and self-sufficiency.

As always, the position / degree of your Ascendant is paramount in determining which house Saturn falls in your chart.

ARIES: From Dec 19 you will feel more optimistic, adventurous, accepting.   Your world will feel larger, your mind more expansive.  Higher education, legal matters, self-promotion, publishing, broadcasting will flow easier.  You will work harder to achieve, to reach your career, your status goals.  For some, this can be your time of harvest as you reap the consequences of your hard work and preparation. You may find yourself in a leadership role.  This can be one of the best times for you to make an impression on the world.  If you have little desire to have more responsibility, higher status...., or if you attempt to take short cuts or behave unethically, or if you have done same in the past, this can be an onerous time for you as authority figures in general will be more critical and demanding of you.

TAURUS:  Generally speaking Saturn is moving into a highly favorable placement for you.  You'll feel more free in your most intimate relationships.  Shared resources / finances will feel less restrictive. Over the next 3 years you'll be driven to expand your horizons by way of higher education, long-distance travel / foreign people and places.  Your view of life becomes more stabilized, you understand the rules of the game and are focused on playing it very skillfully.  Your career may involve higher-education, long-distance travel, legal matters, philosophy, religion, metaphysics, advertising / marketing, broadcasting, publishing - Reaching and possibly inspiring people far and wide. You will be quite disciplined regarding these matters.  In-laws may play a more significant role in your life during this time as well.

GEMINI:  You'll get along better with other people in general.  They'll be more receptive to you.  Issues connected to partners, contracts, collaborations will ease up, be less restrictive.  You're focused on shared finances, shared resources / possessions.  This includes your spouse’s income, credit, loans, inheritances, alimony, child support.... commissions.  And any money that comes to you other than your earned paycheck.  Which all may become restricted over the next 3 years.  You cannot count on financial / material backing. You are learning to understand other people's resources and values as well as your own.  It's also possible that other's will make heavy demands on you financially, materially and emotionally.  You may have issues with your taxes / the IRS.  Your career may involve finance in some way.  You may give up a salaried position to work on commission.  Some of your closest relationships will be greatly and forever transformed during this time.

CANCER: Work, employment, health & fitness, hygiene and habits or anything / anyone connected to same will be less of a burden. Committed relationships, partnerships, contracts are your focus for the next 3 years.  Partners, close associations will test you, and make increasing demands.  Some significant relationships will end as they become more effort than they're worth.  But new committed relationships will also enter.  You're being asked to prove your worth to others.  It's time to learn what your expectations are of them and theirs of you.  It's important that you live up to your agreements. Any agreements, partnerships.  Anyone you partner with will test you.  To pass these tests, simply do your best at whatever task you're given.  Your work may now involve partnering with another, or working with contracts.

LEO:  You've endured 3 years of serious fun and creative self-expression.  The restrictions, discipline connected to pleasure, love, romance, children, creative endeavors, sports and games is over.  You'll feel less burdened and more freedom in these areas.  It's now time for you to get busy, though. To hone and refine your skills connected to your work, health, hygiene, habits.  Time to tighten your routine / regimen.  Focus and efficiency is paramount.  Your job / employer will be more demanding. You're likely to earn respect for your job / work or your dedication to your health and fitness.  I have significant Leo energy as my ruler is conjunct an angle in Leo and my Sun and ruler are in mutual-reception - Aqua/Leo.  The last time Saturn transited Cap I earned respect for my discipline / unwavering commitment to fitness and earned the nickname "Miss Fit."  You may begin a career in health, fitness or employment recruiting.  This area also rules house pets / small animals.  I also lost a pet during the last Saturn in Cap transit and felt horribly responsible.  It's difficult for me to advise you to not get a pet, but think twice. They can be a heavy responsibility and scattering your energy will leave you depleted and your work and health will suffer.  Though some of you may work with small animals or pets during this transit.

VIRGO:  Home, family, real estate, property matters have been hard work, a burden for the past 3 years.  You'll feel less restriction in these areas after Dec 19. Saturn enters your sector of love, romance, pleasure, children, creative self-expression, sports, games and gambling. These areas become more serious.  Including your romantic relationship.  Some will marry. Saturn will also test and restrict these areas. You may become responsible for children.  Your job/career may involve teaching, leading, guiding.... children.  Perhaps involving sports.  You may become more focused on sports, your work may involve same.  A creative endeavor / job may require much work / discipline.  You'll learn how to express yourself in the best possible way.  Some will enter into a relationship with someone older, or serious-minded, reserved.  Or, that role may be reversed as you become the older, parental-type in a romantic relationship.  This is not the time to gamble unless it becomes a career and you gamble in a methodical manner.

LIBRA:  Your immediate environment, communications, commuting, your community have felt restrictive.  This area will feel lighter, less of a burden.  As Saturn transits your sector of home, family and property matters it's time to focus on, work on, organize your innermost personal and domestic life.  Whatever you've been tolerating in this area will now require your attention, your work.  Home, property, family matters can be a burden because of payments, repairs or other responsibilities.  Unresolved, important issues from your past, your childhood often return to be dealt with.  You may take on a parental responsibility for someone other than your own child.  Or, you may seek a parent-type for yourself.  This is the time to build a solid foundation for yourself both materially and psychologically.  Therefore, this is a good time for psychotherapy or the like.

SCORPIO:  You've had to work hard for the money, Scorpio, for the past few years.  Your earnings and spending will flow freer after Dec 19.  Moreover, you'll realize your talents, your abilities, your worth and others will recognize this in you.  Now, as Saturn transits your area of communications, commuting and community, you become more serious-minded.  You'll slow down and think more before you communicate. This transit is about restructuring your mind and how it operates on a day-to-day level.  Your mental patterns, attitudes, style of speaking and ways of listening are things we normally take for granted.  But you'll realize how important these matters are in structuring your world. You may make extensive changes, sometimes without even realizing it.  But you will gain respect for your communications and / or your ideas. Your career may involve communications i.e., writing, speaking....  Daily commuting may become restricted, taxing. You may experience issues with your vehicle or other transportation.  Or, your job may involve driving, shipping, transport.... You may experience difficulty with "everyday" people.  In particular, siblings, nieces, nephews, neighbors.

SAGITTARIUS:  Life in general has felt restricted, a burden for the past few years.  You'll now feel more like your optimistic, adventurous self.  And, know that your ruler, Jupiter, arrives in your sign Nov 9 2018.  I've never had a Jupiter transit that didn't bring me luck and abundance.  Jupiter in your sign will definitely offset the restrictive nature of Saturn transiting your house of earned income and what you value psychologically, spiritually, morally.  It's time to focus on income and spending.  Be slow to spend, be frugal / economical.  Restructure, and work hard on building, your finances.  It's also a time to discover what your real needs are and if they accurately reflect your inner values.  You'll also work hard to develop your talents and abilities.  Those which you rely on for income.  Your job / career may involve finances, hard, cold cash or being responsible for valuables.
CAPRICORN:  You can release the past now.  You've cleared the decks and you're ready for your new beginning come Dec 19.  Your ruler is coming home to roost.  The Sun follows Saturn giving you a jump start. Gifting you with the energy you need to begin a new project, new goal, new commitment, career.... suited just for you.  This can be a time of great responsibilities, but also great accomplishment for you Cappy.  Your ruler will help you set a goal for yourself that creates more stability and respect.  This is also a time of introspection, and a time to focus on and restructure yourself.  You need to know who you are if you are to lay the foundation for restructuring your life.  The more you get in touch with yourself over these next 3 years, the more successful you will be in the future.

AQUARIUS:  With an Aqua Sun & Ascendant & Saturn in Cap, I'm as knowledgeable as one can be on Saturn in Aqua's H12. Firstly, from Dec 19, your social life opens up.  Friends, associates, groups will no longer be a burden, or betray you.  You can form loyal, trusting friendships again.  And, the constant roadblocks that have prevented you from achieving your goals are now gone.  Over the next 3 years, we will rid ourselves of the deadwood in our lives.  Possessions, projects, relationships... that no longer serve us in preparation for a new beginning coming in 3 years.  Nothing ominous about any of this.  But, the universe just reminded me of what / who to beware of as this sector also rules "blind spots" and secret enemies.  I'm so sorry my friends, but you can expect at least one significant relationship, one who should be protective, loyal to you... to betray you.  It's most likely an authority figure or committed partner.  This is not a lapse of integrity on their part, it's a lack of integrity that you fail to see. They're your blind spot, and your deadwood.   Also on the scene are large bureaucratic organizations / corporations i.e., the IRS.... We will work with or for same.  Jupiter's alignment with Pluto this year indicates these organizations will show us favor / support, as well as Saturn's alignment with your ruler Uranus this Summer.  One of our lessons lies in psychological and spiritual transformation, and again, with Saturn it's always about maturity.  

:  After Dec 19 authority figures lighten up or they're just gone from your life.  You can now see the direction you want to go, and the roadblocks preventing your status elevation over the past few years are gone.  Over the following 3 years, you'll focus on socializing and networking.  You'll also see the truth about the foundations of your friendships, associations, group affiliations.  A friend or associate may betray you giving you cause to reevaluate your friendships, and weed out those not true to you.  If you feel any doubts about a friend's or associate's loyalty..., this is not the time to trust them blindly.  You may be required to join, to integrate yourself into a group.  This group may feel like a burden as they'll have expectations of you and give you unwanted responsibilities. This is also not the time to try to be a star on your own, though. You will instead be rewarded for your team efforts.  You may be put in a position of leadership for such a group.  This sector also rules your hopes, dreams, wishes, ideals and goals.  If you've worked effectively enough over the past several years to attain these hopes and dreams..., you'll now realize them. If not, you'll feel disappointed, but you'll now know what you need to break down and clear out in order to be successful.