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Aquarius Sun (H12) & Ascendant
Humanitarian, innovative, group-conscious, progressive, serving others.  Rebellious, eccentric, emotionally-detached, overly extroverted, gregarious, unconventional, original and objective.

Scorpio Moon & Neptune (H8, H9)
Intense, magnetic, penetrating perception, a power to confront, vengeful, dramatic.  Sensitive to the emotional undercurrents with a need to understand the cycles of life.  Disseminating lunar phase: Sharing knowledge with the world is a major motivation.

Sagittarius Midheaven, Jupiter, Venus, Juno (H10)
Inspiring, broad-minded, enthusiastic, overly-optimistic, future-oriented, goal-seeking, truthful, adventurous, athletic unrestrained, philosophical, with a powerful desire to share knowledge

Capricorn Saturn, Mars & Mercury (H11, H12)
Disciplined, responsible, reliable, industrious, conscientious, practical, achieving, rigid and militant.  A powerful imagination and the ability to be a spokesperson for the masses.  

Leo Uranus conjunct H7 Angle
Attracted to unconventional relationships, and freedom, individuality and truth within relationships.  

Gemini Black Moon (H4)

Elements Fire 7; Earth 6; Air 6; Water 4
Balanced, but overly courageous.

Modes Fixed 11; Mutable 7; Cardinal 5
Balanced, but more steadfast than flexible. 

Hemispheres Southern 17; Eastern 11; Northern 0; Western 6
Public life is the pinnacle.  Satisfaction is gained from achieving; a high public profile exists through career, status....

1st 6; 2nd 1; 3rd 5; 4th 10; 5th 13; 6th 7; 7th 5
Focused, objective, keenly inquisitive, an expert in chosen field, enjoy verifying through experimentation, possess a practical inventiveness.