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While your Natal Chart will always reign supreme, your Secondary Progressions are an extension of your Natal Chart. My Natal Sun, and Ascendant, is Aquarius.  Hence, I possess typical Aquarian traits i.e., progressive, independent....  For the past 30 years, however, my Progressed Sun transited Pisces. The Sun rules our ego. As our Sun progresses, our ego evolves. My Sun's journey through Pisces was an ego-quieting, highly enlightening, awe-inspiring gift that brought forth heightened senses, and empathy, and mind-blowing intuition.  Which was also manifested by my Progressed Mercury stationing retrograde in Pisces (still is) while Neptune and Uranus simultaneously transited Aquarius, and deep, dark Pluto revealed.... Well, it's a system. Events are not manifested by a single transit or alignment.

We sometimes feel a gradual shift when our Progressed Sun changes signs. With my Progressed Sun's recent ingress into Aries, I felt a sudden shift of identity, an abrupt awareness of and elevation of ego.  Which may sound more like a devolution, as philosophers espouse quieting our ego strengthens our self, but my ego's journey into Aries awakened me to, or rather reminded me of who I am and is empowering me in order to survive and thrive in this physical plane. 

Aquarius Sun
Aquarius Ascendant  
Scorpio Moon  
Sagittarius Midheaven 

To be continued....