Your Luck

Jupiter in Sagittarius 

Nov 9 2018 - Dec 2 2019

Jupiter the "greater Benefic" delivers luck, abundance and growth in the sign / house he is transiting.  Sagittarius rules people of other countries, cultures, races, religions....  The "caravan" of  Central American migrants at the US border is very much Jupiter in Sagittarius energy.  

ARIES:  Nov 8 2018-Dec 2 2019 Jupiter is in a most favorable position to you.  Your luck lies in long-distance travel, people and places afar, and people of different cultures, spirituality, religion, higher-education, legal matters, and self-promotion.  It's time to expand your world.  Put yourself out there, market yourself, Aries.  Reach out to people far and wide via publishing or broadcasting.  You'll feel more adventurous, open to exploring other cultures.  The primary purpose of this transit is to expand your consciousness so much so that any prejudices or outdated beliefs are alleviated.  You could also attract luck through your in-laws.  Legal matters that come about should have a favorable outcome.   

TAURUSNov 8 2018-Dec 2 2019 you'll benefit through other people's resources.  This includes credit, taxes, child support, alimony, insurance payouts, commissions, your spouse's income....  and any money that comes your way other than your regular paycheck.  There will likely be a legal or foreign connection.  Some will receive an inheritance or some sort of financial payout from an authority, elder.... Jupiter may also manifest procreation, parenthood or your intimate relationships grow intense and sex is amplified.   Jupiter will deliver powerful and fortunate changes before Dec 2 2019.   

GEMINI Nov 8 2018-Dec 2 2019 your luck lies in the formation and maintenance of all kinds of partnerships including marriage, business partners / collaborations, co-ops, contracts and agreements. You'll benefit through other people in general and they'll show you aspects of yourself and the world round you.  It's not the time to go it alone.  Attorneys, agents and the like should be especially beneficial.  You may partner with someone foreign, of a different culture which forces you to expand your consciousness and alter your outdated views and understanding of the world.  If you marry during this transit, you'll "marry up."  Your spouse may be someone more mature, established, and demands respect.   

CANCER:   Nov 8 2018-Dec 2 2019 you'll benefit by fulfilling your duties, responsibilities and service.  You're busier, but work is gratifying, appreciated and gives you your sense of purpose. Of course, you're likely receiving better pay.  However, the demands of your duties do conflict with your freedom.  Your health will benefit if you engage in activities to improve your health, your body will reciprocate very well. However, over-indulge in rich, sweet foods, and you'll just as easily gain weight during this transit -- Jupiter expands....  You'll also benefit from anyone connected to your job, your health, your fitness center.

LEO:   Nov 8 2018-Dec 2 2019: Per Carl Jung, "The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."  Jupiter expands your wisdom and increases your self-assurance and creative self-expression.  You'll have the courage to express your authentic self to the world without apology or excuses.  This transit also provides greater potential for any creative endeavor.  Romantic relationships and relationships with children also grow and improve.  These relationships alter your perspective and expand your world.  Enjoy this time, but recognize the opportunities and grab them, as luck in these areas come 'round only every 12 years.  

VIRGO:  Nov 8 2018-Dec 2 2019 your luck lies with home / family and your overall security.  This area rules your innermost life, your private life.  Externally, however, you'll likely live in a larger home, or enhance your exiting home, expand your family or profit through a real estate investment.  If there is a domestic issue, an issue with your parents it should clear up by Dec 2 2019.  You are likely to benefit through family.  This is the time to settle down, to secure your home and family life to ensure it will stand the test of time. (The test of Saturn.) Your inner confidence also increases.  It's a time of psychological well being.  

LIBRA:  Nov 8 2018-Dec 2 2019 Concern regarding communications grows likely because you're communicating more, and you have more contacts.  You'll likely have an opportunity to learn a new skill, teach a new skill, or a new language, or to speak, or write.  Your communications, your thinking, expands and improves.  Your luck extends to communications equipment.  Your interactions with neighbors, and "everyday people" grows and improves as does your relationship with your siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins.  And, you may benefit through one of these people.  Short-distance drives, vehicles will prove lucky as well.  It's a good time to purchase a vehicle, or take a road trip. 

SCORPIO:   Nov 8 2018-Dec 2 2019 your concern is increasing and managing your income, your material wealth. This is the time to invest and build your resources.  It's time for an honest review of your overall goals so you can determine what you really need to achieve them.  Jupiter wants to teach you about yourself through your material world.  You may be self-indulgent and that's OK.  Just make sure you really want and value something before you buy it.  Don't buy something expensive just to keep up with the Joneses.  That's how Jupiter's expansive nature can create problems in this area.  

SAGITTARIUS:  Nov 8 2018-Dec 2 2019 you are the luckiest of the lucky, Sage.  Your ruler, Jupiter, returning home to your sign enhances your confidence, your faith, your optimism.  This is time for you to try to find your true self and understand that who you are is adequate.  You'll find relationships are mutually beneficial under this transit.  Your spirituality world grows as your material world alone isn't fulfilling.  Overall this is the beginning of a cycle of personal growth which comes 'round every 12 years or so. 

CAPRICORN:  Nov 8 2018-Dec 2 2019 Jupiter enhances your spiritual life, your private life.  Spiritual truth and wisdom is most important to you now.  Jupiter acts as your guardian angel in this area and may bring you a spiritual teacher.  You in turn may teach others. This has been, and still is a favorable time for procreation ladies.  But it is your compassion, empathy and the spiritual dimensions of your life that are most enhanced as you realize that we are all connected and though helping and elevating one, we all are elevated.  Behind the scenes matters and anyone, anything returning from your deep past are embellished and blessed. 
AQUARIUS:  Nov 8 2018-Dec 2 2019 supportive friends, groups and associates are of considerable benefit to you.  A new friend, or group from afar, from another culture, or a spiritual group enters your life, raises your consciousness.  By the end of this transit you'll better understand how you benefit through group goals and group values.  Your hopes, dreams and wishes for your future also play a significant role. Make a wish and work to achieve it before Dec 2, 2019.  But, this is not a time to be selfish.  In order for any changes and improvements to endure they must be mutually beneficial.  What you give, you will get back in even greater quantity.  

PISCES:   Nov 8 2018-Dec 2 2019  you'll work to elevate your career, your social status and your reputation.  Generous Jupiter will reciprocate any reasonable effort on your part.  Authority figures recognize your efforts.  Unless you fail to keep your ego in check. You will feel more self-confident because you realize your talents and abilities, your worth, but you may need to review your actual accomplishments to see if they justify your any feelings of superiority.  You will likely have increased dealings with people from other cultures, or reaching people far and wide. Recognize them, grab them and hold on tight, as they come your way only every 12 years.