November 2018

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Luck and abundance grows stronger when Jupiter transits the final degrees of a sign. We’ll feel this Oct and Nov as Jupiter prepares to exit Scorpio to return home to Sagittarius Nov 8

Nov 6 Jupiter forms an uncomfortable alignment to Uranus Rx just after Uranus backs into Aries.  Manifesting restlessness and a strong desire, an intense need for freedom as current pressures expand.  Change could come by way of an opportunity. 

Nov 6 
another shift of energy as the N. Node backs into Cancer, the S. Node backs into Capricorn.  Both Cancer and Capricorn express our parental archetype, but our challenge for the following 18 months will be balancing our sensitive, openly emotional, nurturing nature (Cancer) with our stoic, restrictive, authoritarian, suck-it-up side (Capricorn.)  The Universe is pulling us towards our home, family, private lives.  We'll be challenged to balance our home, family, private life with our career / public life. 

Nov 8 Jupiter in his home sign is great for us all.  He does great work in Sagittarius.  

A Solar Return will help determine what area of life Jupiter will embellish for you.  Combining the Solar house, Lunar house, Natal house (which most of you will not know) along with the sector Jupiter is in your Solar Return paints a complete picture.   Jupiter may be transiting you Solar House of Career, Status, Recognition, and Authority Figures, but will Jupiter elevate your marital status, your career status, your parental status...?  Feel free to ask me via email if you have difficulty putting that puzzle together.  

Nov 15 Mercury Stations Retrograde and Venus Stations Direct.  We prefer romance over reality as the Moon trines Stationed Venus and Stationed Mercury squares Neptune.  And, Nov 15, Mars finally leaves Aquarius to enter cool, calm watery of Pisces.  Take advantage of this rather tranquil time as we’ll all shoot out of the gates Dec 31/Jan 1 when Mars goes back home to fiery Aries.

Nov 22 our Full Moon peaks at 1’ Gemini and emotions are exaggerated as this Moon opposes jolly Jupiter.  It’s all good so long as we don’t over-indulge. 
Nov 25 is our “luckiest day of the year” when the Sun conjuncts Jupiter.   This conjunct in Sagittarius can give us wings, make us feel overly-optimistic.  Luckily Mars’ supportive alignment with Saturn grounds us, and aids in accomplishing something solid. 

Nov 27 Mercury Rx-Jupiter conjunction brings back something hugely beneficial. 

Nov ends with the 3rd and final Venus-Uranus opposition sending us seeking stimulation in our love lives or shaking up our fashion sense or our finances.   It's an out with the old, in with the new kind of day. 

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Nov 1 Jupiter trine Chiron
Nov 6  N. Node enters Cancer
Nov 6  S. Node enters Capricorn
Nov 6 Uranus Rx re-enters Aries  
Nov 6 Sun trine Neptune
Nov 6 Uranus Square N. Node                                           
Nov 7 New Moon 15’ 11” Scorpio
Nov 7 Jupiter trine N. Node
Nov 8 Jupiter quincunx Uranus
Nov 8 Jupiter enters Sagittarius
Nov 9 Venus Rx trine Mars 
Nov 15 Venus Stations Direct 25’14” Libra
Nov 15 Aquarius Moon trine Stationed Venus 
Nov 15 Mercury Stations Retrograde 13’ Sagittarius
Nov 15 Mercury Stationed square Neptune
Nov 15 Mars enters Pisces
Nov 19 Mars square Jupiter
Nov 22 Full Moon 0’52”Gemini
Nov 22 Sun enters Sagittarius
Nov 24 Neptune Stations Direct 14’ Pisces
Nov 25 Sun conjunct Jupiter 3’55” Sagittarius 
Nov 27 Mercury Rx inferior conjunction to Sun 5’4” Sagittarius
Nov 27 Mercury Rx conjunct Jupiter 4’ 18” Sagittarius
Nov 27 Mars sextile Saturn
Nov 30 Venus opposite Uranus 
Dec 1 Mercury re-enters Scorpio
Dec 2 Venus re-enters Scorpio